EzRollback Lite for Windows xp/7/2003/2008


Your Real-time Backup by Target-controlled Design
- designed for professional individuals
- version control for both files and folders 


XLink EzRollback Lite is part of the continuous data protection products from XLink. It is designed for professional individuals to deliver a low-cost, real-time backup and recovery solution for Windows environments.

XLink EzRollback Lite works seamlessly with XLink eStorage--- a centralized backup storage on Windows. XLink eStorage is a free Data Protection Manager software.


  • Enterprise Features with No Technical Knowledge Required
    You do not need to know about VSS or point-in-time snapshot to use XLink EzRollback. Though EzRollback uses the very advanced technology to deliver lossless data protection for your data files, the simple user interface allows you to start running XLink EzRollback in no time

  • Protection & Recovery for your important files in real-time mode
    XLink EzRollback delivers continuous data protection for all data files. It creates point-in-time restore points for the changes of the protected files.

  • Target-controlled Backup Concept
    XLink EzRollback is designed based on an innovative concept, that is target-controlled backup model. Each target has its own backup method and version control. With this model, a source may back up data to two targets, one is in non-real-time mode with longer time interval between versions but the other is in real-time mode with short time interval for version control.

  • Reduce the Back-Up Time
    Because XLink EzRollback moves only the byte-level changes of the data between the source and the targets, it effectively reduce the backup time for the protected data. With VSS(Volume Shadow Copy) technology, there is no system downtime during a full backup.

  • Restore Points & Full Backup Recovery
    XLink EzRollback is creating restore points based on your individual protection plans. Most of time, a restore point is created by a small change of a file. However XLink EzRollback is able to have a point-in-time recovery for an entire set of data from a restore point. Any restore point is functioning like a full backup for data recovery.

EzRollback software is applying Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology to invent the destination-control data sync model. It combines the advantages of real-time backup and offsite backup for fast and complete file go-back and data recovery.

The innovative creation of checkpoint maintains all changed files based on your pre-defined protection plan so that frequently modified files or accidentally deleted files can be recovered to a prior version. This go-back feature proves to be especially useful to programmers of Visual Studio or other professional users.

Restoration is alike a breeze, you can either use Windows explorer or EzRollback restore point utility to go back to a previous version of file or folder created at a point-of-time. Any single restore point allows you to recover a full folder as the traditional full backup does

EzRollback is a member of XLink HA/CDP series products. The HA/CDP series products provide total data protection and server high availability solutions to users with capabilities of server-clustering, real time data replication, open file backup and file preservation for version roll-back.

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