Omni-NFS Enterprise (nfs client & server) for Windows

NEW! Version 5.2 for Windows XP/2000/2003

(FNT-526) ......US $169
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NFS Server component on 2000/2003/NT/XP Platforms
  now includes the following new features!

  1. Support TCP protocol for network connection
  2. Support cross domain file sharing
  3. Support alias naming for exported directory
  4. Support file name character mapping between Unix and Windows Systems

NFS Client component on 2000/2003/NT/XP Platforms
   now includes the following new changes!

  1. Improved Performance
  2. Minor Bug Fixings

NFS Enterprise Exclusive Features

  • Only package to feature Automatic File Change Notification.
  • Only NFS package to support Automatic DOS to UNIX File Formt Conversion.
  • Features XLink's Advanced Cache Management Read-Ahead Caching scheme to improve performance.

Omni-NFS Enterprise is the most comprehensive network solution for Integrating your Windows 2000/2003/NT/98/95/ME/XP PCs and UNIX (NFS) files and printers. It delivers the full power of NFS straight to your Windows/UNIX desktop for bi-directional connectivity.

Other Features

  • Includes NFS Client, NFS Server, LPR, LPD, FTP, FTPD, and more.
  • Supports Web NFS.
  • Supports NFS version 3 and version 2.
  • Access UNIX drives from Windows/NT Explorer and Network neighborhood.
  • Drive Mounting Wizard.
  • much much more...

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Windows 2000/2003/NT/98/95/ME/XP users can now access UNIX files, printers and backup devices as if they are local resources. You also get NFS Server software, so you can export your Windows files and printers to any UNIX system on the network for a totally bi-directional Windows-UNIX connectivity.

Feature Benefit

  • Support directory attribute setting
  • NFS Server supports removable drive export
  • Support Winsock 2.0
  • Auto mounting and UNC support
  • Client mounting Wizard
  • Automatic NIS server searching
  • Automatic NFS server searching and detection
  • Compatibility choice of NFS 3.0 or NFS 2.0
  • Improved graphical user interface
  • Support WebNFS
  • Bi-directional PC to UNIX data file conversion
  • ACM (Advance Cache Management) enables faster file transactions
  • Support symbolic link
  • Print directly to Windows 98/95/NT/2000/2003/ME/XP Print Manager
  • Enable LPD and NFS printer service on Win NT
  • Supports multiple NIS servers

Component List
(Click on the component name for detailed information)

  • NFS Client
    NFS client enables you to access UNIX resources, share files, and expand PC's logic's disk capacity.
  • NFS Server
    NFS Server enables you to export Windows NT resources,to other NFS Clients.
  • NFS Printer Server
    NFS printer allows you to work in Microsoft Windows while printing your files on the network in a place which is accessible to other applications and environments.
  • NFS Printer Client
    NFS printer client allows to print jobs to the remote NFS Printer Server.
  • FTP Client
    FTP client allows users to simply transfer binary and text files and directories between a PC and a remote computer.
  • FTP Server
    FTPD utility allows you to configure Windows NT or 98/95/ME/2000//XP to become a FTP server. It provides the tools necessary to set up user accounts with assignments of a home directory and access permission.
  • LPD printer server
    LPD accepts print jobs from many host or users on the network, queues these jobs and sends them to any locally attached printers.
  • LPR printer client
    LPR allows local PC files to be printed on remote printers. XLink's LPR provides the users with easy use and configuration. Users can print the jobs through LPD server just by using click & point.
  • VT420/320/220/100 terminal emulation
    Full featured terminal emulation program which allows you to connect and communicate with hosts that support VT420, VT320, VT220, VT100, and VT52.
  • Wrsh
    Execute commands without login into remote host.
  • LPR Hosts
    Printer database editor in which remote LPD servers are defined.
  • UUcode
    Uuencode and uudecode utilities.
  • Finger
    Find information about users in the remote UNIX account.
  • Performance Tips
    Utility that allows users to modify the read/write buffer for NFS Server.
  • Host Editor
    Create host database which is used by all applications.



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